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Welcome to Web Programming Tools And Frameworks

laptop with code

Welcome to Web Programming Tools and Frameworks. In this course we will be studying a wide range of technologies that are used to create dynamic content on the web. These include modern tools and libraries / frameworks that enable the programmer to quickly and efficiently create a functioning web-based application capable of responding to requests for content, reacting predictably to errors and storing / retrieving user and application data.

We will be looking at what exactly a web application is and how we can use a familiar programming language (JavaScript / ECMAScript) to create and maintain one. Additionally, we will be studying how web browsers send data to and from a web server and how we can ensure that our applications are scalable, secure and robust. We will also study methods of storing and retrieving data from a data store (SQL & NoSQL Databases) and how to manage state (ie: “logged-in”) information about users.